Mother of 17 year old daughter

Dr. Dang has been a vital part of the team helping my daughter in her recovery from anorexia. Dr. Dang is supportive, caring, upbeat, and knowledgeable. It has been a true pleasure working with her during a very difficult time.

57 year old male

Mailee improved my marriage but more importantly gave me and my wife clarity in dealing with conflict with care.

Roxy Szeftel, M.D., Director of Child Psychiatry, Cedars-Sinai

Dr. Cat Dang is a highly intelligent doctor. She is very knowledgable, efficient, practical, down to earth, has a lovely bedside manner, she is approachable, very responsive, gets things done very quickly, excellent with medication management, well-liked by patients, friendly, available, does excellent evaluations, great diagnostician, great follow through.

Nicole W.

Everything is going well, therapy with Mailee has definitely helped and improved my overall self-esteem and confidence. I feel a lot more optimistic than I had prior to meeting with Mailee.

Tracy, mother of 18 year old daughter

Dr Dang is a very caring doctor, she has gone the extra mile To diagnose and treat our daughter’s condition. I highly Recommend her services.

Mother of 11 year old daughter

Mailee is the third therapist that my daughter has been to. My daughter has made better progress in one month than she has with the other two therapists combined! My daughter absolutely loves her and she has had such a positive influence in our lives.

29 year old female

After having doubts about therapy due to a previous experience with a therapist… I am so grateful to have found Mailee! She has helped me get through some of the most difficult times of my life with her genuine empathy, compassion, and great listening skills and has given me tools to help me get through difficult situations and life in general. She is a great therapist and person who is clearly passionate about what she does, and I am so thankful to have finally found a therapist who has made such a difference in my life.

Anne Brooks, MSW

In the three years I have worked with Dr. Dang, I have seen that she consistently takes the time needed to make wonderful connections with her patients. Her warmth and genuine show of empathy with patients' difficult experiences, as well as the time she takes to really consider all variables before deciding on a course of treatment, make her an outstanding psychiatrist to work with.


Our daughter found it very easy to communicate with Mailee which made it natural for her to work out her issues. Mailee has always made herself very accessible, too.

24 year old female

Mailee is the most amazing therapist!

Min Kim, D.O.

I have [known] Dr. Dang for almost ... 10 years and she continues to excel in her studies and education. Her concern and passion for psychiatry enhance her already strong clinical skills. Patients have been very satisfied with her performance and "bed-side" manners. She is involved in multi-facets of psychiatry. It is a pleasure to work beside her.

18 year old female

Dr. Dang is easy to talk to and very responsive. I have so much faith in her with how she's helping me. She's just a great doctor.

Susan Schmidt-Lackner, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine

Dr. Dang is an exceptional psychiatrist, bright, caring, with an excellent fund of knowledge. I have trained many psychiatrists over the last 25 years and Dr. Dang is clearly one of the best.

Alex Lin, M.D.

I worked with Dr. Dang throughout residency and was always impressed by her compassion, her strong work ethic, and her gentle nature. Her generosity, warmth, and efficiency make her a valued colleague in our profession.

Mother of teenage daughters

Mailee has a way of making both of my teen daughters feel at ease and comfortable talking to her. She is compassionate, caring and understanding; yet "firm" in knowing what is best. She has been a huge, positive influence, benefiting our entire family.

Kyle, 20 year old male

Dr. Dang is a knowledgeable, caring professional with the patient always in mind first. I have never felt uncomfortable in her office one bit and [she] managed to stabilize what others had described as unstabilizable

Kathleen Shaw, R.N.

When I think of Dr. Cat Dang the first thing that comes to my mind is AMAZING! I have seen her treat each client as though they were the only one, she gives them her full attention with the utmost respect and dignity. Dr. Dang's compassion and knowledge are obvious as she is always striving for the best welfare of each of her clients.


I have been working with Mailee for 5 months and I couldn't be more pleased. She is compassionate and I feel heard, understood, and encouraged during our sessions.

17 year old female

Thank you for embarking on this not-so-fun journey with me of diagnoses and prescriptions. Thank you for listening to my problems & being open minded about everything. You are the best possible person for me and my needs. If it weren't for you and your intervention, I wouldn't be going to college. I really appreciate all that you have done for me.

Joy Kong-Dyal, M.D.

I've known Dr. Dang for years as a colleague. She is a caring and capable physician, with a heart close to the kids', and [with a] gentleness and compassion very much in need these days. Her skill as a physician has certainly won her respect among her peers.

Kathy, mother of 20 year old daughter

Dr. Cat Dang was my daughter's doctor for about 2 years at Cedar Sinai. Dr. Dang advocates for her patient, she developed a trusted relationship with [my daughter] .... We miss you Dr. Dang.

Cristy Pareti, MFT

I am a mother of two teenage daughters and also a marriage and family therapist and I have been very impressed with Dr. Dang's ability to make her patients feel comfortable. She is approachable, very thorough in her assessments and takes plenty of time when meeting with a patient and/or their family for treatment. I recommend Dr. Dang to many patients of my own and feel assured they will receive good care and progress successfully in their treatment.

Vietnam War Veteran

Thank you! Dr. Dang you have helped me so much. I no longer have hate for others and you were so patient with me. If there is anything I could ever do for you please let me know. Because I will always be grateful for all you have done for me. Thank you! I will forever consider you my friend.